This page used to have a whooole lot of photoshop tutorial links. No longer. Apologies, people who have arrived from the Google cache. Most of them were 7 years out of date, I promise. Anyway, find them yourself, I did :P

so... the new and improved links page! Yay!

Art Stuff
Book Stuff
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But firstly: Yeah.



Arty things

Google Advanced Image Search it owns you. I can't believe I just said that. At least I spelt it properly. less annoying than all the other font sites out there. stencilly joy :) they're back! galleries and tutorials, and some amazingly talented people Huge page full of tuts for just about anything. Quality varies, but is generally decent archive of non-copyrighted photos you can use. It has just about everything except people. Practice your photoshop skillzzz


Books and stuff

Bartleby lots of texts online, legal, and in reliable editions you could happily reference in an essay. Yay! it's a cool site. Go read his journal. Everything vaguely Pratchett-related is here. Especially worth looking at are the quote files and annotations.



Adventurers! is hilarious if you've played Final Fantasy, and pointless if you haven't.

Antihero for Hire I mostly read this because it's by the same guy as Adventurers. It can be funny. Sometimes.

The Adventures of Bobbin is rarely updated, but fun.

The Bunny System is surprisingly violent, for a comic about bunnies.

Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break is very well drawn, and equally sweet.

Edible Dirt does only one-panel gags and has me laughing consistently.

Gossamer Commons's claim to fame is that it's written by Eric 'Websnark' Burns. It is also a pretty good comic in its own right.

Home Run is the most quietly funny and sweet thing I read.

Least I could Do is one dimensional and demeaning to women. I read it anyway.

nuklearpower is a FF parody sprite comic which I enjoy, although I find it works better in large chunks than a small amount daily.

Partially Clips is a comic made from clipart, only one clip per comic. It is also sheer genius.

Queen of Wands is, alas, over. The archives are still up though.

Questionable Content is relationshippy, but funny, and despite the angsting I seem to actually care about the people involved, so I forgive it.

Return to Sender hasn't updated in living memory, but perhaps one day it will, and I will jump up and down with joy.

sinfest is the comic I have been consistently reading for longest, since about 2001 as far as I can remember. And to think I considered the archives large at the time...

sluggy used to be amazing, but I gave up on it a few year ago. One day I'll catch up.

Something Positive is probably the one I most look forward to reading. The people have become frighteningly real.

Two Lumps is about cats, who should not be underestimated.

Wapsi Square is slice-of-life/supernatural. I prefer the slices of lives, since they are absolutely brilliant, and I find the supernatural bits a bit boring. However. This is definitely not a comic to miss.

Wrench Farm's writer died, and the site is gone. I doubt it will ever come back, but just in case, I want this link still here.



Bookslut - excellent for getting linked to things of interest, and with snarky commentary. Who could ask for more?

Cancergiggles - an unnavigable site unfortunately (if you're looking to browse like a normal weblog) but worth reading :)

Making Light about pretty much everything, but more about books and publishing. The sizes of the comment threads scare me.

PostSecret is a wonderful idea and well executed.

Popgadget - some things that look immensely useful, and others which, well, provide a good laugh.

Project Brainstorm is funny. You should read it and they should update it more. <pokes them>

Sclerotic Rings on LJ links to science... links... of interest.

Websnark - has linked me to many of the comics I now read. Doesn't only talk about comics, though. Has a cult-like following. Well... a large following, anyway.



Pictures of Walls is briliant. the name... kind of says it all really

NobodyHere Flash built website which is random and cool, in a very strange way. Go look at the 404 error if nothing else. The chatroom is genius.

Ill Will Press - a part of me wishes I didn't find these entertaining, but I do.

The first HHGTTG game, free online. No save though, which makes it slightly impossible. I suck at these but it amuses me.

Hamlet, the Text Adventure same style o'thing.

PQF looking for a funny quote? My god, but the man wrote so *much*... look at the quotes from train drivers :) The Tolkien Sarcasm Page - if you've ever read LotR, and especially if you've ever been slightly obsessed with it (who, me?! obsessive? never!) *go*.

Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About will kill a good few hours.

sodaplay wow. I spent hours on this damn site.

Timehunt Very random, and very cool. You'll need flash. And a wallkthrough (0.o)