My two newer (and unfinished) paintings are on the main art page. In the meantime, the best of the old stuff:

horse (no details). Huge amount of hours spent on it, exactly how many is lost way back in the mists of time. Based on a photo, but only quite loosely.

portrait (detail: the eye). I think if I tried to add up hours spent on this it would break whatever clock I tried to use. A calender would be nearer the mark. Basically copied off a b&w photo. No I don't know who he is.

another horse. (detail) I just like painting horses, OK? So did many of the Old Masters, so there. Sketchy, far fewer hours (somewhere not hugely under six, including sketching. That's not as long as it sounds) Vaguely copied off a section of an oil painting, if I remember correctly.


Lucifer, copied from the cover of Paradise Lost
Dragon, from here somewhere.
Misc old sketches, from a book of anatomy
Lecture-inspired doodling - a new habit is born.
Sketch3 - this and the following all copied from stock photos.
Sketch4 - I find drawing faces difficult. I usually try, and usually hate the result, so these people all have blank faces. Woo.
Sketch5 - whoa, skewed.
Sketch6 - if only I didn't feel compelled to fit things on the page.
Sketch7 - almost has a face, but hasn't quite made it.

I've been sketching a lot recently, but have no digicam. Oh well. Updating things I did months ago seems to be my usual habit.


A fairly new obsession. Not all that much to show, but there should be more over the summer.

A folder - with Neil Gaiman's Sandman on it. First stencil whee. Looks better in real life, flash is not flattering.
My diary - the label which said '2005' came off, and it annoyed me because I kept opening it the wrong way around.
Indside the diary - I was in a bad mood, and not being very careful, so it sucks. Oh well. Will do better next time.
Not A Stencil Yet, but it will be, I hope. Of pianist Glenn Gould from a CD cover.


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